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Why is the 360 Photobooth popular

With video content being shared across every social media channel imaginable, it's no surprise that everyone is wanting to book a 360 video booth for their next event. Due to its cool look and ability to shoot beautiful 360-degree video of you and your friends, the 360 video booth is exploding on TikTok and instagram.


From big corporate names to small businesse, every industry wants to push their brand on social media. Soon you will start seeing more and more of these high demand 360 video booths at activations and hype networking events. Some of these 360 photo booths can hold up to 4 people at once. The individuals are then recorded in slow motion or normal speed with or without effects and filters. Usually there's an overlay on the video that helps promote the brand or the celebration that is taking place. The 360 video content is then shared through airdrop, sms or QR code instantly, so the users can upload the content to their social media apps of their choice. This instant sharing is a MASSIVE opportunity to get free marketing depending on how the event is setup.

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