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Meet our extraordinary 360 photo booth, available to rent for any event! Hop on the platform and create your own 360-degree slow-motion videos by yourself or with a group. It’s the perfect addition to any corporate eventschool function, wedding, private party, or interactive brand activation looking to separate itself from the rest. We offer the leading 360 photo booth rental services throughout Johannesburg and the greater parts of Gauteng, so contact us to elevate your next event and create fun lasting memories




Each event is unique and special. That is why is each 360 booth rental package comes with its own designed custom overlay.  Choose custom colours, text, graphics, logos, hashtags and more.  This design will appear on all the videos. You can provide your own design or our team can design for you free of charge


Every 360 booth rental is staffed with professional booth attendants to handle setup, operation, interaction and removal to ensure that all the hard work is done for you.


At the end of your event you will receive a link that will contain all the videos taken. You can then easily download the videos and keep them for your perusal.


The videos will come with the full fun slow-mo and fast forward effects and animations.


Each participant will receive their 360 video via their preferred option of sms, airdrop, email or QR Code download right after their session


( Optional)

We can add prop signs which we curate specifically for each event. If you would like something completely custom (hashtags, big heads, your pets, really the skies the limit), we can design and print something exclusive for you for an additional fee


Standard Bank logo
South African Reserve Bank Logo
South African National Parks Logo
GK logo
Tiger Brands Logo
Murangi Production Logo
Epiroc logo
Hope Restoration Ministries logo
Runners of Hope logo
The Fortress Venue logo
Believers Base logo
Lebo Sekgobela logo
  • How long does it take to set up the 360 booth?
    Each package includes an hour set up window for the 360 photo booth rental. We can set up the booth as fast 30minutes if the window is shorter or it needs to be done during a room flip. More time will be needed if we are providing a custom backdrop, slideshow monitor or other add-ons.
  • How much room do I need for the 360 booth?
    Generally, we ask for a 3m x 3m. We can downsize this a bit, if needed to accommodate your event needs.
  • How long are the videos from the 360 booth?
    Typical they are about 16 seconds. The videos can be longer but this is not encouraged if you have a lot of guests as the longer the video, the longer it takes to process after recording. For a 16 seconds video it usually takes 23 seconds for it to process and load all the graphics and audio before we can send it to your guest.
  • Can I have the 360 booth outside?
    Yes! As long as the surface is flat, hard and even. We will need access to a suitable power outlet. Additionally, we will need protection from the elements such as rain, heat etc. This is to protect us from rain damage or the chance of our gear and attendant overheating! If your event is taking place winter, protection is not 100% necessary, but at the first sign of inclement weather, we will have to pull the 360 photo booth and this could disrupt your service.
  • Do people use their own devices to record their video?
    No. We supply the recording and sharing devices for everyone.
  • Can I bring my own props?
    Most definately, you are more than welcome to bring your own props
  • How many people can the 360 photobooth take at a time?
    It can take up 1 to 5 people.
  • Do I have to run the 360 booth?
    Absolutely not! Each 360 photo booth rental package includes two attendants who will set up, operate and remove the booth following the completion of the service window.
  • Can I add music to my 360 videos?
    Yes. The music is pre-loaded as a template for all videos that are going to be taken. This means that you will have the same music in all the videos. Because the music has to be preloaded before recording, you can only use the same song for all the videos.
  • Can I add my logo to the 360 videos
    Yes, you can add any logos you would like, along with other graphic design elements. Our in-house team will work with you on the design process or, if you have your own graphics team, we can provide a design file for you.
  • Does the 360 photo booth capture photos?
    No. This is a funny one. The 360 photo booth is correctly referred to as a ‘360 video booth’. Through its exponential popularity, the majority of people just refer to it as a ‘360 photo booth’ which is why we do as well. The booth captures slow-motion videos.
  • How much to book these awesome services
    Click on 'Pricing and Booking' tab to see the various hourly packages

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